Friday, August 8, 2014

This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Monitoring went well this morning.  We are on for the egg retrieval for Sunday!  I had five follicles on the right, measuring between 19-22 and four on the left measuring 17-25.  The doctor expects 7-8 mature eggs with those counts.  Last time, I had a bunch of eggs, but not many were mature.

I'm doing better with the cetrotide this time.  I have been icing the spot while I mix and do my other two injections and while I am preparing it.  I read on one forum that someone said it didn't hurt as much when she held the pinch, so I tried that too.  I have also been icing it after it is injected.  It still stings for a bit and leaves a welt, but not too bad.  I'm really looking forward to two injection free days, before the PIO.  I hate PIO.

If my progesterone is too high today, they won't do the fresh transfer.  That scares me, because last time nothing made it to freeze.  If my embryos are like last time and nothing makes it to freeze and we don't do a fresh transfer, this will have all been a waste.  I hope my numbers come back good today!

So. Much. Waiting!

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