Saturday, August 16, 2014


This is the boring time of an IVF cycle.  There is so much waiting when TTC, especially with IVF.  Now, everything is done and I just wait, wait, wait.  On Wednesday I have a blood test for estrogen and progesterone levels.  Then back the following Monday for beta HCG levels.

I have around 25 hpts, I think.  I got a huge lot with one of our iui cycles last year, and most of them are still there.  I want to test out the trigger so that I know that a subsequent positive is really a positive.

I guess if there is one good thing about the timing in all of this, I'm going to be really busy this week with starting a new school year.  I did end up getting bumped from my grade level spot.  Apparently, one of the other teachers new to the school last year didn't get along with anyone, and the principal is switching the two of us.  I'll be teaching 5th grade next year.  I've only ever taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, so this is going to be a big change.  I did student teach n 5th, 12 years ago, so at least I have that, haha!  I am so lucky to be at an amazing school with wonderful colleagues who have offered to do so much to help me, while they should be getting ready for their own classes.

I was really hoping for a less stressful start of the year.  Staying put would have helped that.  I was super upset when I found out about the move, but glad that it fell between my egg retrieval and transfer.  I feel like I did a good job of getting over it.  There is another teacher in my grade level who had just moved from 5th down to 3rd just to try something new, and said that she would go back if I was really against it, but I don't want to be that person that throws a tantrum to get her way.  I think if she knew what I was going through right now, she wouldn't have let the principal move me, but again, I don't want to be that person.

One big upside is that one of my best friends is an upper grade teacher at my school, and now we will have the same recess and lunch schedule.  She told me that I should have told the principal all that I am going through with IVF, thinking that she would have picked someone else to move if she knew.  My friend, who is one of two friends in real life who know, is worried about me and the stress of a new grade level.  I think I'll be fine.  I am determined not to stress about this and just to let it be what it is.  We'll see how well that works!

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