Monday, August 4, 2014

Stim day 6

I went in for my second monitoring appointment this morning.  I have 6 good sized follicles that are within 2mm of each other, which is good.  The Dr. was surprised that I don't have more, given my AMH level of 2.7.  He said that if we have to stim again, he's going to change things up a bit.

E2 came in around 570 and LH was 3.8.

I am staying the same course with meds, but adding cetrotide tonight.  I hate that one.  The nurse suggested ice first and heat after to help the sting and welt.  I don't really trust that nurse though, so I don't know.  I'm trying to gather as much anecdotal evidence as I can.    I'm really not looking forward to this shot.  

I've complained about the nurse before and how she makes mistakes.  Today she called and gave me someone else's lab results, told me to start pills tonight, and made me an appointment for the 13th.  Yeah, no... that message isn't for me, thanks.

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