Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pin cushion

It's really funny to when I think back to being afraid of needles and shots.  Once, as a teenager, the doctor wanted to draw my blood and pretty much had a panic attack.  That is so laughable when I think of the injections I've given myself over the last four years.

How are you supposed to rotate injection sites when giving four injections a day?  My belly is covered in little bruises, red pin marks, and little lumps from the abuse.  I honestly don't know how people can do this 5+ times.  If this doesn't work, and we can afford it again, I think I only have one more fresh cycle in me.

Hopefully when I go in for monitoring today, they will figure out if the retrieval will be Saturday or Sunday.  We need to arrange child care, so it would sort of be nice to know!

Work is stressing me out right now, which is pretty impressive since I don't have to go back for 12 more days.  I found out that I may need to change classrooms/grade levels for next year.  My transfer is going to be 3-4 days before I have to be back to work, so I'm not going to be able to move much or prep for the school year at that time.  Is it too much to ask for a little stability in one area of my life?

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someday-soon said...

I rotated between tummy and thighs for shots and it seemed to help. Sorry work is stressful, I guess it's at least something to keep your mind busy and a bit off your cycle.Hope you are able to stay in your classroom, much less prep would be nice.