Friday, August 29, 2014


Have I complained about PIO yet?  I hate it. The actual injection usually isn't too bad.   It's definitely scarier than it looks. What I hate is how sore I am the next day.  And how my hips are all lumpy.  And it hurts to lie down.  Or wear pants. 

I don't have any non-sore injection spots. I moved a smidgen higher today and when I pulled the needle out, blood spurt out! I've never had so much blood after I an injection.

16 days till ultrasound. Once we see a heartbeat, doctor will let me switch to crinone. 16 more shots. 8 per hip.  

I didn't feel pregnant today.  I didn't like that. I think I'll poas tomorrow to see if it is as dark as Thursday's.

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