Monday, August 25, 2014

Beta Day

Today was beta day.  Because of my work schedule, I need the 7 am blood work time to make it to work on time.  Today, for whatever reason, they were late opening up the office.  I got there a few minutes late, but they didn't open the door until almost 7:15!  Fortunately, my Dr. saw me and ushered me back to the blood lady.  I teach in the school district his kids go to school in, so he knows I need to get to work to bring my class in!  I told him it would be good news, and it was so sweet to see his eyes light up when he asked if I had gotten a positive urine test and I said yes.    

I told them not to call me until after 3 pm, as I wouldn't be able to answer the phone with students in the room and I didn't want them to leave a message.  The nurse never leaves the numbers in messages; I always have to ask.  Beta came in at 130!  She said it was a nice, strong number and to come back on Wednesday for a repeat.

As I was typing that last sentence, the doctor, himself, called to talk to me about the results.  He said it was solid and as long as it was doubling appropriately on Wednesday, he'd just bring me in for a pregnancy scan in three weeks.  I love this doctor and feel so lucky to have been referred to him.  He has helped us out so much, and really seems to care.  Our interactions are often brief, but he remembers everything.  He has also taken the time twice, to see me and answer my questions and not charged me for the appointment.

Here's hoping for 260+ on Wednesday!!


Putter Pie said...

Woohoo! Great news! I'm so happy for you!

someday-soon said...

So excited for you!!!