Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Meltdown #1

I had my first meltdown of this IVF cycle yesterday.  I don't really know where it came from.  As I left the office after my blood work this morning, I got a little teary, but managed to hold it back.  I really lost it after I went to get my meds.  I decided that I would tell a friend of mine who not only knew about it the first time, but has been through IVF to conceive her children.  She, of course, was super supportive and let me talk and cry and get it all out.

I realize now that part of my meltdown is grief for a friend of mine.  Today was her due date, but she lost the baby around 33 weeks.  It's really hard for me to think about that, especially right now.  She's not seeing friends or really talking to anyone.  I keep sending her texts telling her that I am thinking about her and here if she wants or needs to talk, shop, whatever.  I wish I could do something to help her.  Can you think of anything that was helpful to you if you've been through something similar?

My estrogen was where they wanted it yesterday.  Day 2 of stims today, follicle/hormone check tomorrow.

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