Monday, October 6, 2014


I have officially graduated from the RE!  Theoretically, I'll never have another appointment again.  It's amazing how much you get to know the people who work there from such frequent appointments.

I'm 10 weeks, 2 days.  It's hard to believe how fast this is all going.  It was so neat seeing the legs kicking and arms moving today.  Still feeling really nauseated.  NT scan is in two weeks and first OB appointment in 3.  I had blood drawn for the materniT21 test today.  I should have those results in about a week.

Here's the little peanut.  Head is down to the left and leg is top right.

Work has really been kicking my butt recently.  I'm just so tired all the time!  My regular clothes are too small, but maternity ones too big.  I hate this awkward phase!  I'll spill the beans at work at the end of the month, not that they won't have figured it out already.  I'm dressing in tents everyday!

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Kathleen DiVirgilio said...

O look forward to watching your journey! :)