Sunday, September 14, 2014

One more day!

This wait to the ultrasound is killing me!  It feels like the slowest moving time ever!  I want to see what is going on in there!  I have a fetal doppler, but obviously it is way too early for that to pick up anything.  It is surprising that I know where that is, considering that I've moved three times since I was last pregnant (including the move I'm in the middle of).  

My symptoms come and go, which is a bit unnerving to me.  Some days I feel like total ass and can hardly eat a thing.  Other days I feel fine.  I think that I've noticed that if I get a lot of sleep, I tend to feel better.

Work is kicking my butt.  It is so much work to create a new curriculum for a grade level that I've never taught.  My team is fine, but not the most efficient.  I have a nice class, but it is so exhausting and so much work.  After 10-11 hour days at work (I'm paid for 7), I'm still never finished.  I don't know that I'll ever catch up!  I have back to school night this week, which means I'll have a 12-13 hour day at least one day this week.  I haven't done anything for work this weekend, which will push me even farther behind.  Maybe after a nap I'll have some motivation.

Nap.  That sounds good.

I'll try to update as soon as I can tomorrow with whatever news we get.  I hope baby(ies?) are growing and doing exactly what their supposed to!


someday-soon said...

Good luck!!! I can't wait to hear and will be stalking =)

Putter Pie said...

Good luck! I can't wait for an update!