Sunday, July 4, 2010


I had some blood work done on Friday and I talked to the nurse about my PIO shots and that I'm not tolerating them well. She wants me to keep doing them, despite the fact that research has shown that the suppositories do just as good of a job. Later, I get a call with the results of my blood work- my E2 is fine, over 1,000 and my progesterone is lower than they'd like it. It's 26 and they want it over 30, so now I have to take 1.5cc of PIO instead of the 1cc I've been doing. Despite the ice, heating the injecting, massaging it in, moving around after to help it spread, and putting heat on it, I have a huge painful lump on my hip.  It hurts to sit, lie on my side (how I sleep), and wear anything that sits on the hip.  
I asked the nurse if I should come back earlier than July 12th to have the prog. retested and she starts talking all condescendingly to me saying that the prog. level doesn't indicate pregnancy. I informed her that I was well aware of that, but thought it might be wise to make sure the increased dose of PIO was doing it's job. She told me that would be a waste of money. I asked if I really had to wait until the 12th for a beta, and she said that they do it 10-12 dpt, and I mentioned to her that the 12th is 13dpt. She commented that it was because of the weekend, so I told her Friday the 9th is 10dpt. She wouldn't change it, so I told her I was going to take a hpt next week anyway. She then tells me not to take it too early, because I may get a false positive because of the trigger, so I told her that it typically takes around 10 days for the trigger to get out of the system and that I confirmed with a hpt this morning that it was out. She conceded and said, fine if you get a positive hpt call and we'll do the blood work earlier.
I really don't like this nurse. She's the one that deals with the donor stuff, but if I have to do this again I am going to request one of the other two nurses- both of whom I've enjoyed working with, remember who I am, and don't treat me like an ignorant 10 year old. Even before we got started with the cycle, she added a lot of stress to my experience with that office to the point that I scheduled an appointment with the doctor to talk to him directly before we got started.  
I've had lots of cramps the last two days.  Very AF-like cramps.  I get them a lot when I stand up from a sitting or lying down position.  Sometimes when I'm just sitting too- like right now, actually.  Lots on the right side of my abdomen.  In a normal cycle for me, if I'd have ovulated on 6/24 (day of the retrieval) AF would show this Monday or Tuesday.  I know that the PIO will probably lengthen my LP and keep AF away, but it is still interesting to think that.  I have a TON of HPTs, thanks to Ella, and am just trying to figure out when to POAS.  Any thoughts?  What's the earliest people get a positive after 5 day transfer?   


someday-soon said...

Sorry the nurse is being a pain and that the PIO shots are so lame. My RE wanted my progesterone above 20 so maybe your RE is just being extra careful. I tested at 6dp5dt and got a positive but I know that's super early. If you have a whole bunch of HPTs I'd take one every morning with FMU. Keeping everything crossed for you!!!

Rach said...

That nurse does not sound fun to work with. My clinic does betas 8 days after a 5 day transfer. So I'd say you could start the hpt's around then.

mommyinwaiting said...

What a cow that nurse sounds like. You would think she would know better than to get snotty with a woman on hormones!

Just my 5cents worth, but home pregnancy tests are evil! Do not trust them at all. Do not give up hope if you don't get a positive on the POAS. Will be thinking of you through these last few days of waiting. KUP